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Laianzhi Yellow Safety Helmet

LAIANZHI standard ABS safety helmet
Comply with GB2811-2019 and EN397: 2012+A1: 2012 standard
Classic V-shape, beautiful and elegant, wide brim, which can block the dazzling light, rain, etc. and be suitable for outdoor work. The widened brim improves the side pressure and enhances the side
protection of the head. Slots on both sides of the shell can be equipped with a face mask, earmuffs and a flashlight to provide multiple protections.
LAIANZHI can provide customized logo printing services.
Ventilation and non-ventilation styles available




Laianzhi Safety Helmet Hard hat ABS hard hat factory Laianzhi Safety Helmet Hard hat

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EU-Type Examination Certificate

UKCA Type-Examination Certificate

Test Report LAZ-700-18

Test Report LAZ-700-19

Laianzhi LAZ-700 datasheet

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