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Laianzhi Medical Protective Mask

Helthcare Medical Mask
Meets GB19083-2010 standard
Technical number: Guangdong Machinery Note 20202141735
Registration number: Guangdong Machinery Note 20202141735
License number: Guangdong Food and Drug Administration Machinery Production License No. 20204002
Used for medical protection or personal respiratory protection, adult/children models available, protecting certain pathogenic microorganism particles (such as viruses, bacteria, molds, etc.)
Packing: 50 pcs/box, 500 pcs/carton



Medical Protective Mask: Compliant with China GB 19083-2010 mandatory standard, with a filtration efficiency of ≥95% (tested with non-oily particles). Passed synthetic blood penetration test (protection against fluid splashes) and meets microbial criteria.

Medical filter material
Filtration efficiency>95%, non-oily particles
Adjustable nose clip
The shape is good and the tightness is ensured
Cotton elastic headband
Good elasticity and suitable tightness
Designed to fit the face
The outer contour closely fits the shape of the face. Prevent the entry of polluted air
Internal nose pad design
Internal support to prevent collapse

Please note: The Adjustable nose clip on the mask comes in both embedded and external types, and will be shipped randomly.

Laianzhi Medical Protective Masksmedical masks

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