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KN95 respirators are some respirators with filtration efficiency for particles, and the filtration efficiency for non oily particles in the air can reach more than 95%. The filtering efficiency is relatively high. During the epidemic, the KN95 mask was used to prevent the infection of novel coronavirus, and the effect was particularly good.

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How to Identify the KN95 Mask that Suits You?

Smell that there should be no peculiar smell on the inside and outside of the mask, and then wear it in ear hanging mode without cutting the ear. This is the most basic condition for a good mask.

1. Check whether the face fitting surface inside the mask is shiny and free of broken hair (broken hair, stains, yellow and color are inferior products).

2. Touch the whole mask to see if it is soft, smooth and not rough. Good non-woven fabric is soft and very skin friendly.

3. Smell carefully for odor. Smell it from the fabric surface to the ear strap. If there is any smell, it is inferior.

4. Wear the mask to see if it can stretch the ears. The nose bridge of the mask should be long enough to fit the mask well on the nose bridge. The nose tip and face should not itch.

Why Can You Trust Saiute's Mask?

With so many choices in the market, Saiute is proud to provide you with high-quality kn95 mask for sale.

1. Separately packaged masks

We can provide individually packaged kn95 masks for sale to ensure sterility. If you travel frequently or lend disposable masks to others, you never need to worry about whether your protective masks are clean and safe.

2. Adjustable earrings and nose support

Our kn95 masks are designed to be comfortable with adjustable nose pads and earrings. The adjustable bridge of the nose allows you to shape the mask for a perfect fit. The adjustable ear loop ensures that you never have to worry about the mask slipping out of position.

3. Four layer protection

Our KN95 masks provide multi-layer protection, which is not available in most reusable adult masks.

We also provide customized mask packaging service! If you are interested in our products, please contact us as soon as possible. 

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