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Filter efficiency of KN100 respirator ≥ 99.97%. Therefore, the KN100 respirator with higher professional protection level in the national standard can also help people achieve professional protection. KN100 respirator has achieved very good results in preventing pneumoconiosis and reducing occupational disease injuries. The electrostatic adsorption technology adopted by the utility model has an effective barrier effect on fine dust and ultra-fine dust. And as a professional respiratory protection equipment, its tightness with the face is also better than the ordinary disposable mask, which can achieve professional protection against the novel coronavirus transmitted by droplets.

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KN100 products are mainly applicable to the environment of non oily particles. They have 99.97% filtering effect for particles larger than 0.075mm in diameter. They are applicable to daily life, medical and other industries, and are widely applicable economic products.

Usage Method

When wearing the kn100 mask, you must pay attention to the correct method and replace it in time. If the mask becomes wet through exhalation, the protective effect will be reduced, so you should replace it in time. It is generally recommended to replace it every 4-6 hours.

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