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Virus isolation mask-FFP3 mask

Release time: 2020-11-24

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Virus isolation mask-FFP3 mask

Most mask manufacturers will tell customers that all FFP2 and FFP3 masks have EN149 2001+ A1:2009 standards, but careful users will point out the differences between FFP masks.


YXP311 face mask-FFP3 mask

FFP mask:

FFP1: Block non-toxic smoke particles

FFP2: FFP1+ blocks carcinogens

FFP3: FFP1+FFP2+ blocks viruses, bacteria, and fungi


Virus isolation mask-FFP3 face mask

The above picture clearly states: Only FFP3 has the function of blocking germs.It can be seen that ordinary FFP2 masks do not have the function of blocking viruses!


After checking the introduction of many FFP2 products, we found that almost all products do not have the function of blocking viruses! Unless it is clearly stated in its product introduction book to block viruses (gegen VIRUS)! Please see the picture below:


Virus isolation mask

Therefore, if you want to use virus-isolating masks, it is best to buy FFP3 masks.


Also note: if the cardiopulmonary power is not good, it is best not to bring FFP3 masks. In addition, FFP3 masks are equipped with air valves and cannot be used for medical purposes!

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