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What is the standard of KN95 masks?

Release time: 2020-11-16

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What is the standard of KN95 masks?

KN95 masks are divided into two types: industrial type and medical type. Industrial dustproof N95 and KN95 are both anti-oily particles, while medical N95 is a medical protective mask (not only anti-particles, but also anti-body fluids, etc.).

What is the KN95 three-dimensional mask FFP2 standard? This requires KN95 masks to meet CE standards. That is, the EN 149 test item requires a particulate matter filtration efficiency of 94% or more.

KN95-GLT11 face mask

What is the CE standard?

CE is the abbreviation of COMMUNATE EUROPEIA, which represents the European Community. The European Community certification it issued is the CE certification. CE stands for European Unification and is the passport for products to enter the European Union. The "CE" mark is also a mandatory certification mark for the European Union.

KN95-KM1095 face mask

Whether it is a product produced by an enterprise within the EU or a product produced in other countries, if you want to circulate freely in the EU market, The "CE" mark must be affixed to show that the product meets the basic requirements of the EU "New Method of Technical Coordination and Standardization" directive. This is a mandatory requirement of EU law on products.

Therefore, CE certification is regarded as a stepping stone for manufacturers or suppliers to open the European market.

CE certification of KN95 face mask

The KN95 three-dimensional mask sold by Zhongshan Saifute Labor Protective Articles Co., Ltd. has the CE certification issued by European professional institutions. Each mask of KN95 model can provide the corresponding CE certificate and related test report, you can buy it with confidence.

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