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What is the role of masks?

Release time: 2021-02-10

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What is the role of masks?

Nightingale, the nurse's originator, said: "The air is like water, and it can also be contaminated. If you wear a mask, it is possible to block bacteria out of the gauze and prevent these bad things from sneaking in and harming people." Wearing a mask can be effective. To block certain airborne diseases.


Therefore, in the high-incidence period of certain diseases, when people with weak physique such as the elderly and children are inevitably going to some densely populated areas, wearing masks is a very effective preventive measure. Wearing a mask can prevent viruses or bacteria from spreading to others through coughing or sneezing, and at the same time prevent yourself from being infected.


the mask

Although the mask has the function of filtering dust and droplets, it is not good for anyone to wear a mask at any time.

Masks can block the spread of some diseases. Lets first understand the ways of transmission of diseases. The main ways of transmission of diseases are: air transmission, water transmission, food transmission, contact transmission, arthropod transmission, soil transmission, Iatrogenic transmission and vertical transmission. The way that masks can work is through airborne transmission.


There are several ways to spread through the air: through droplets, through droplets, and through dust.


Epidemiological characteristics of airborne infectious diseases: widespread transmission, high incidence; high incidence in winter and spring; more common in children and adolescents; in people who have not been immunized, the incidence is periodic; high incidence in crowded and densely populated areas .

KP38210 Face Mask

Why do masks prevent viruses? How to prevent it?

 1. Block droplets. Many virus infections are transmitted through close contact, mainly direct droplet infection or indirect contact infection, so the first line of defense should be to block droplets.

2. Block the virus.

3. Blocking secondary infections: The mask needs to be replaced after it is contaminated by droplets, but the droplets are white and difficult to be noticed. When removing the contaminated mask, if you touch the droplets with your hands, you will also be affected by touching the eyes, nose and mouth. The possibility of secondary infection.

It is particularly important to buy qualified masks and use them correctly. In addition to the hidden health risks of the mask itself, if the mask you buy is a three-no product, and you don't pay attention to the cleaning of the mask, it may be better not to wear it.


Therefore, when buying masks, go to regular medical supplies institutions or pharmacies as much as possible, buy different types of masks according to your needs, choose suitable qualified masks and use them correctly, in order to play the role of masks.

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