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What is a protective mask?

Release time: 2020-12-15

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What is a protective mask?

Medical masks are masks specially used in hospitals. What are the non-medical protective masks in our daily life?


Protective mask

Protective masks are divided into air-supplied protective masks and filter-type protective masks. Air-filtering masks can filter particles in the air, blocking droplets, blood, body fluids, toxic gases, and secretions. Air-supplied protective masks refer to air-supplied protective masks used in chemical plant sites, fire sites, and ordnance chemical hazards, that is, ordinary individual protective masks.


There are many types of protective masks. According to the different manufacturing materials, there are activated carbon powder filter masks, activated carbon fiber mat masks, non-woven masks, and microfiber masks. ,Absorbent cotton mask, made of absorbent cotton, cotton gauze mask, made of cotton yarn.


KM1095 protective mask-FFP3 mask

According to different shapes, there are flat masks, cups, towel masks, triangle masks, cotton gauze masks, and gas masks.


Protective masks include dust masks, protective masks, gas masks, etc. According to the structure and principle of action, they can be divided into two categories: filter type and isolation type respiratory protection.


Filter-type respiratory protective mask: It uses the wearer's own breathing as the driving force to filter and purify harmful substances in the air. It is suitable for places where the concentration of harmful substances in the air is not high and the oxygen content in the air is not less than 18%. There are two types of mechanical filtration and chemical filtration.


KP302 personal protective-FFP3 mask

Isolation (supply) respiratory protective masks: The air inhaled through such respiratory protective masks is not purified on-site air, but is supplied separately. According to its air supply mode, it can be divided into two types: self-contained type and external input type.


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