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What is a labor protection mask

Release time: 2021-05-13

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What is a labor protection mask
Labor protection supplies refer to a kind of defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, and play a very important role in reducing occupational hazards. Labor protection masks are one of them.

Respiratory protective gear

Respiratory protective gear is an important protective product to prevent pneumoconiosis and occupational diseases, and protects against inhalation of harmful substances such as hypoxic air and dust toxins into the respiratory tract. According to the purpose, it is divided into three categories: dustproof, anti-virus, and oxygen supply. According to the principle of action, it is divided into two categories: filter type and isolation type.

Protective masks for paint workers

The categories of breathing protective gear are: clean air breathing protective gear, self-priming filter dust mask, simple dust mask, compound dust mask, filter gas mask, duct gas mask, direct gas mask, electric air supply Respiratory protective gear, filter self-rescuer, isolated breathing protective gear, supplied-air breathing protective gear, self-contained breathing protective gear, oxygen respirator, air respirator, oxygen generating mask, isolated self-rescuer, close-fitting half-mask, Close-fitting full face masks, dust filters, oxygen generating tanks, canisters, canisters, etc.

The current labor protection masks must implement the GB2626-2006 standard. The grades of dust masks are divided into three grades: KN100, KN95, and KN90. Among them, KN100 can achieve nearly 100% (over 99.97%) protection against ultrafine dust. For large particles, KN95 grade can be selected.

Working in a dusty environment, it is recommended to do respiratory protection work for your health. Scientific selection of dust masks, choosing a good mask with good protection effect and smooth breathing can help prevent lung injuries.

The protective effect of dust masks depends on two aspects, one is the filtration efficiency of the filter cotton, and the other is the tightness of the combination of the mask and the face. Therefore, masks must be divided into different sizes, and the fitting effect of masks regardless of size and face varies from person to person.

Choice of labor protection masks

The scientific selection of dust masks certified by the GB2626-2006 standard helps prevent lung injuries.

1. Choose the duplex half-mask type. Disposable masks are not suitable for long-term or occupational protection due to their high air leakage rate.

2. Choose KN100 grade dustproof filter cotton. Wearing a low-protection mask will cause physical harm.

3. Choose a mask made of silicone material. This material is more comfortable, suitable for long-term wear, and is not easy to cause allergic reactions. Masks with high hardness can easily cause facial indentation.

4. Masks are divided into sizes, which is extremely important. Don't buy the so-called general-purpose masks, which are easy to leak.

5. There are two types of masks: covering mouth and nose, covering mouth and nose, and mandible. It is recommended to use the latter, which is relatively comfortable.

6. It is recommended to choose a smooth breathing mask. Some masks use a double filter cotton design, and the filter cotton has two sides, so you can breathe relatively smoothly with such a mask.

Protective masks for coal miners

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