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Use of KN95 mask

Release time: 2021-01-29

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Use of KN95 mask

Can KN95 particulate protective masks be cleaned and reused?Not possible. The KN95 mask uses electrostatic adsorption to filter particulates. Cleaning and disinfection will cause static electricity to dissipate, thereby reducing the protective effect of the mask. At the same time, it will also cause secondary pollution of the mask, causing unpredictable risks and harm to users.

How long does KN95 mask use?

In the GB2626 standard, KN95 masks are also called disposable masks. Generally speaking, masks should be replaced in time when they are contaminated, damaged parts, soaked in water or become wet, or when the breathing resistance is obviously increased during wearing.

KN95-GLT11 Face Mask

During the epidemic, taking into account the infectious hazard of the virus, doctors usually recommend replacing it every 4 hours, which will also cause the exhaustion of consumables. The current guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend various methods to save consumables. Such as giving masks to those who need it more, such as medical staff and patients.

Ordinary healthy people can appropriately extend or repeat the use of KN95 masks under acceptable circumstances. The premise is to ensure that the mask is not polluted when wearing and taking off the mask. The mask must be placed in a sealed bag and then placed in a clean, dry and non-polluting place. The repeated use of masks has certain risks. Once masks come into contact with pollutants, they should be classified and treated in accordance with relevant medical or pollutant waste disposal regulations.


KN95-KM1095 Face Mask

How to wear KN95 mask:

Wearing a particulate protective mask correctly can help improve the fit between the mask and the face. The correct wearing method is as important as choosing a mask that meets the protection requirements.

After wearing, please be sure to check the air tightness as follows: cover the mask with clean hands and exhale (the mask expands outward) and inhale (the mask collapses inward) to ensure that there is no leakage at the edge of the mask.


Hygienic precautions for wearing masks?

Please wash your hands before and after wearing a mask. Avoid touching the outside of the mask with your hands during the process to avoid contaminating your hands or the mask. For masks that have been exposed to viruses, bacteria, and other pollution sources, after use, they should be classified and treated in accordance with relevant medical waste, pollutant and other treatment regulations immediately, and hands should be washed.

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