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The standard of FFP mask

Release time: 2021-04-27

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The standard of FFP mask

The FFP standard mask is a certification standard established by the European Commission for Respiratory Protective Equipment in Europe. Why do you want to talk about the European standard FFP type masks here? The reason is because recently, some overseas shopping platforms or some purchasers often see masks labeled FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, etc., and the promoters will also say that FFP1 is more effective than KN95 or Other comparisons show that consumers generally have a skeptical attitude. Before explaining this issue, I would like to say that the reason why most readers look for this FFP1 mask is that in most cases they want to buy a better mask, but at the same time they cant buy N95 masks or KN95 masks, so they will go through some of them. Buy masks of European standard on overseas shopping platforms or through purchasing channels.

FFP2 face mask

The EU's mask standard is to test two substances, solid and liquid, with NaCL (sodium chloride) and DOP (paraffin oil) aerosols to test the transmission rate, and the protection level of the mask according to the transmission rate. They are: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3. NaCL (sodium chloride) and DOP (paraffin oil) aerosol test permeability, divided into P1 (FFP1), P2 (FFP2), P3 (FFP3) three levels, FFP1 masks have the lowest filtering effect 80%, and FFP2 is the lowest The filtering effect is greater than or equal to 94%, and the minimum filtering effect of FFP3 is greater than or equal to 97%. FFP masks are used to filter harmful substances such as oily particles and non-oily particles. These harmful substances include: harmful aerosols, as well as dust, smoke, mist, poisonous gases and poisonous vapors, etc., which are adsorbed and blocked by the filter material. Reset is not inhaled by human breathing.

FFP3 face mask

Summarizing here, the standard FFP standard is to use NaCL to test, FFP1 filtering effect is more than 80%, FFP2 filtering effect is more than 94%, and FFP3 filtering effect is more than 97%. From here, it is not difficult to see that the filtering effect is good or bad, FFP3>FFP2>FFP1.

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