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The production principle of melt blown cloth

Release time: 2021-03-03

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The production principle of melt blown cloth

Although the output of masks in this period has doubled several times, melt blown cloth has become a key factor in the growth of mask production capacity.

In the end, there are many domestic manufacturers capable of producing meltblown cloth, and the entire industry is showing a trend of small and scattered. Except for a few large manufacturers whose daily output can exceed 10 tons, at least small manufacturers have a daily production capacity of 1 ton. , Even less than 1 ton.


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Masks mainly have a three-layer structure, including an outer waterproof non-woven fabric, a middle filter layer, and an inner layer of gauze or non-woven fabric. The outer layer and the inner layer are relatively simple to produce, and the most important is the middle filter layer, which is a special Melt blown cloth, made of polypropylene material, is a superfine fiber with a unique capillary structure, which has good filtering and shielding functions. At present, the national output of masks is more than five times the conventional output of masks before the epidemic. Therefore, it is estimated that the domestic melt blown cloth used for mask production needs about 55 tons every day.

The surge in the price and output of mask machines has also led to a surge in demand for melt blown cloth. In the production process of masks and meltblown nonwovens, the most indispensable core component is the meltblown nonwovens die. Its working principle is as follows: after plasticization, the polypropylene PP special material enters the flow channel of the meltblown die, and then enters the spinneret after being evenly distributed. The high temperature and high pressure hot air flow is ejected to form a meltblown nonwoven fabric, which is the middle of the mask. The most critical layer of filter material.

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The production principle of melt blown cloth:

Using hot air jets, hot polypropylene is extruded from the pores of the nozzle of the spinneret to extend it in a fibrous shape, and then gather on the conveyor belt to form a fibrous web based on its self-welding property. There are many small nozzles arranged on the spinneret with a diameter of only 0.15 mm. The molten polypropylene stream sprayed from the nozzles is extended by a high-speed air stream and concentrated on a moving conveyor belt to obtain a melt blown cloth.

The most core technology is the small nozzle on the spinneret. This nozzle is not only small in size, only 0.15mm, but also has a complex hole pattern on such a small nozzle. The processing accuracy is high, the difficulty is extremely high, and it is easy. Damage to fragile parts.

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