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The meaning of KN95 masks

Release time: 2020-11-13

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The meaning of KN95 masks

The term KN95 mask is not unfamiliar to people, but most people don't know what KN95 means. What are the special meanings and functions of KN95 masks, and what are the differences from other masks? Read this article to interpret the meaning of KN95 masks together.


KN95 face mask-GLT11 face mask

KN95 mask: "KN" is actually just a code name. This code name "KN" is dedicated to China. What he said is a type of mask "only used to filter non-oily particles" (correspondingly, there is also a type that can "filter "Non-oily and oily particulate matter" masks are code-named KP, such as KP95 masks, but they are not common in daily life). The national standard implemented is GB2626, which is a standard for "civil masks". In this standard, three levels are defined according to the difference in particle filtration efficiency:


KN90: ≥90%

KN95: ≥95%

KN100: ≥99.97%


KN95 face mask-KM1095 face mask

Therefore, generally speaking "KN95 mask" means: a non-medical mask with a "particulate matter" filtration efficiency ≥95% produced according to the Chinese civil mask standard GB2626.

Special note: This has nothing to do with American N95 masks. N95 is a non-medical mask with a filtration efficiency of ≥95% for "particulate matter" produced according to the American NIOSH standard. There are also two higher filtration levels, N99 (≥99%) and N100 (≥99.7%).


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