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The difference between ordinary and medical non-woven fabric

Release time: 2021-02-25

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The difference between ordinary and medical non-woven fabric

At present, the common non-woven fabrics on the market can be divided into two main categories, one is ordinary non-woven fabrics, and the other is medical non-woven fabrics. Because they are mainly used in medical treatment, they have strict requirements on quality. In addition, what are the differences between the two?

1. Antibacterial ability

Since it is a medical non-woven fabric, the primary criterion is the antibacterial ability. Generally, a three-layer melt-blown layer structure is used. The ordinary medical non-woven fabric uses a single-layer melt-blown layer structure. Comparing the two, it must be a three-layer structure of antibacterial More capable. As for non-medical ordinary non-woven fabrics, because there is no meltblown layer, it does not have antibacterial ability.

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2, Suitable for a variety of sterilization methods

Since it has antibacterial ability, it also needs corresponding sterilization ability. High-quality medical non-woven fabrics can be applied to a variety of sterilization methods. The common three sterilization methods are pressure steam, ethylene oxide, and hydrogen peroxide plasma. However, ordinary non-medical non-woven fabrics cannot be applied to multiple sterilization methods.

3, Quality control

Medical non-woven fabrics need to pass the certification of the relevant product quality control system, and there are strict standards and requirements for every step of the product in the production process.

The main differences between medical non-woven fabrics and ordinary non-woven fabrics are mainly reflected in these aspects. Both have their own uses and characteristics. Just choose the correct one according to the needs in use.

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Non-woven fabric is a kind of fabric that does not need to be spun and woven. It just aligns or randomly arranges short textile fibers or filaments to form a web structure, and then uses mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical Reinforced by other methods.

To put it simply: it is not made of yarns that are interwoven and knitted together, but the fibers are directly bonded together by physical methods, so when you get the sticky scale in your clothes , You will find that it is impossible to draw out the thread ends.

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