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The difference between KN95 mask and FFP2 mask

Release time: 2021-02-04

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The difference between KN95 mask and FFP2 mask

The European Union’s mask testing standards include non-oily and oily substances. Sodium chloride and paraffin aerosols are used for testing. That is to say, the EU standard masks are actually protected against non-oily particulate matter and oily aerosols. One of the two is KN type as non-oily protection, KP type only supports oily protection.

Therefore, if we want to judge which effect of FFP2 or KN95 is better, we will find that the effect of FFP2 is ≥94%, while the protective effect of KN95 is ≥95.0%, the difference between the two is 1%. Is the effect of KN95 better than FFP2? no! Although the effect of FFP2 is ≥94 and the protective effect of KN95 is ≥95.0%, there is a very important standard here, that is, the effect of FFP2 in the EU is ≥94, which actually contains NaCL (sodium chloride) and DOP (paraffin oil). 

FFP2 mask

There are two types of aerosol testing, and KN95 is only a non-oily substance that is sodium chloride for testing, that is, the EU standard is higher than our standard! So the conclusion is that FFP2>KN95=N95.

There is one more thing to add. I have said so much here. I believe readers should understand the difference between FFP2 and KN95 mask standards. The conclusion is: FFP2 is more oily than KN95 on the basis of its close protection effect ratio than KN95. Protection! Therefore, in principle, the protection effect of European standard FFP2 and KN95 should be FFP2>KN95.

It is said that this is to judge and compare in principle. In principle, in terms of standard designation, the protection requirements of FFP2 are higher than those of KN95. Readers should understand that this is a standard and a rule. It does not mean that masks marked with FFP2 will have better results than masks marked with KN95. It also depends on the source of the mask, whether the brand of the mask is reliable, and whether it is strictly followed during production. Corresponding production standards.

KN95 mask

Whether it is FFP2 or KN95, if a small mask manufacturer casually produces a mask with the FFP2 label on it, which mask is better than a regular KN95 mask? Therefore, in terms of the implementation standard, we can understand that the implementation standard of FFP2 is higher than that of KN95, but when it comes to masks, the comparison depends on whether it is produced by a regular manufacturer or strictly abiding by the relevant production standards. It is very important, so when buying masks, choose to buy some big brands through credible channels, and try not to buy masks of unknown origin.

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