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The core technology of meltblown equipment

Release time: 2021-03-17

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The core technology of meltblown equipment

The spinneret is the core technology of the meltblown equipment. A good spinneret is determined by two factors, the structure of the spinneret itself and the workmanship of the spinneret holes. Foreign spinnerets include Enka and Kasen, all of them It has a width of 3.2m, among which Enka’s spinneret is the Queen’s spinneret of the Reifen line. 

Domestic spinnerets are sincere, but the sincere spinnerets are only 1.6m, not 3.2m. As for why there is no 3.2m, whether it is because of process problems or material steel problems, it is still unclear. Although it cannot be said that it is a stuck neck, we can still see that China is still unsatisfactory in many areas.

meltblown equipment

The fan is also a relatively important piece of equipment in the melt blown line, because it is responsible for delivering a large amount of high temperature and clean air to the spinneret. The quality of the fan is also directly related to the filtration efficiency of the product melt blown cloth. If the wind speed is too fast, The fiber pulled out from the spinneret hole will be strongly stretched and appear like a fly. This is why in the process of some soil gun test machines, the workshop and the staff are in a snowy environment, and the fans also have Among the brands, the better one is the Roots blower. 


Even if the air compressor is oil-free, the special lubrication structure inside will spray lubricating oil, and there will be a small amount of oil mist sprayed out with the airflow, resulting in melting. There are agglomerations and peculiar smells of spray cloth. There are many reasons for the peculiar smell of meltblown cloth, such as the amount of peroxide, the type of antioxidant, the type of lubricant, and the type of nucleating agent.

Finally, the distance between the spinneret hole and the mesh curtain is also a key factor, which needs to be grasped to produce qualified products.

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