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The choice of FFP2 mask

Release time: 2021-01-25

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The choice of FFP2 mask

Method of choosing:

Firstly: The dust-proof efficiency of the mask should be high. The dust suppression efficiency of a mask is based on its dust suppression efficiency for fine dust, especially for respirable dust below 5 μm. General gauze masks, the dust blocking principle is mechanical filtration, that is, when dust hits the gauze, it passes through a layer of barriers, blocking some large particles of dust in the gauze. However, fine dust, especially dust less than 5 μm, will pass through the mesh of the gauze and enter the respiratory system. There are some anti-particulate masks on the market. The filter material is composed of fibers charged with permanent static electricity. Respirable dust less than 5 μm will be attracted by static electricity and adsorbed on the filter material when passing through this filter material. It really plays a role of dust blocking.

GLT01 Face Mask

Secondly: The degree of closeness between the mask and the face shape is better. When the mask is not close to the face, the dust in the air will enter the respiratory tract from the gaps around the mask. Therefore, people should choose an anti-particle mask that suits their face shape and wear an anti-particle mask correctly.

Thirdly: Wear comfortably, including low breathing resistance, light weight, sanitary wear, and easy maintenance, such as wearing an arched anti-particle mask.


1. Disposable anti-particulate mask: "disposable FFP2 mask" This anti-particulate mask is suitable for short-term use in a polluted environment.

KM1095 Face Mask

2. Half face mask: "FFP2 mask", "dust mask", "dust mask" with exhalation valve design, reducing heat accumulation, making breathing easier, suitable for long-term use in high temperature and high humidity environments. Non-toxic , Tasteless, non-allergic, non-irritating raw materials. High filtration efficiency, low resistance, adjustable nose clip, make the mask and face more tightly sealed, dust cannot easily leak into the electrostatically treated filter layer, effectively filter and absorb extremely fine harmful industrial dust, and prevent silicosis Ultrasonic welding, the elastic band of spandex yarn material more effectively protects the wearer. Applications: construction industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, food processing industry, cement factory, textile factory, cutting dust, heavy metal hazardous pollutants, workplaces.

3. Full face mask: dustproof full face mask, which is used in special environments


The outer layer of FFP2 masks tends to accumulate a lot of dust, bacteria and other dirt in the outside air, while the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva. Therefore, the two sides cannot be used alternately, otherwise the dirt on the outer layer will be directly exposed. It becomes a source of infection by inhaling the body when close to the face. When the mask is not worn, it should be folded into a clean envelope, and the side close to the nose and mouth should be folded inward. Do not put it in your pocket or hang it around your neck.

YX011 Face Mask

FFP2 masks are similar to N95 and KN95 masks and cannot be cleaned. Because it gets wet, the mask will release static electricity and cannot absorb dust with a diameter of less than 5um.

High-temperature steam disinfection is similar to cleaning. Water vapor will also cause static discharge, which will cause the mask to fail.

If you have an ultraviolet lamp at home, you can consider using it to sterilize the surface of the mask to prevent accidental contact with the surface of the mask and cause pollution. High temperature can also sterilize, but masks are usually made of flammable materials. High temperature may also cause masks to burn and cause safety hazards. It is not recommended to use ovens and other facilities for high temperature disinfection.

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