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Pay attention to these wrong ways to wear masks

Release time: 2021-02-19

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Pay attention to these wrong ways to wear masks

Mistake 1: Wear a double-layer mask

Some areas are in a period of high epidemics. Some people wear two disposable medical surgical masks, and some people wear one medical surgical mask and one N95 medical protective mask, thinking of better protection.

Analysis: Wearing a two-layer mask will not only increase safety, it will also affect the air tightness of the mask. The design of the mask has guaranteed that one can be effectively protected. If you wear two masks, the masks may shift due to friction.

Therefore, as long as you choose a mask that is suitable for your face size and quality, wearing a mask is enough.

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Mistake 2: Pull the mask to the chin

Wearing a mask for a long time makes me feel bored. Many people choose to pull the mask down to get a little breath; when shopping outside, some people are used to pulling the mask to the chin. This is the worst use of masks!

Analysis: General surgical masks can block most of the viruses sticking to the droplets from entering the respiratory tract, but if the mask is dropped to the chin, the droplets or bacteria on the outside of the mask will get on your chin or lower lip, which is equivalent to The bacteria are delivered directly to the mouth.

Therefore, if you want to breathe or eat, it is best to take off the mask first, don't be afraid of trouble.

Mistake 3: Touch the outside of the mask with your hands

When adjusting or removing the mask, many people will touch the outside of the mask in a large area. This is also a point that must be corrected.

Analysis: Masks can block harmful viruses and bacteria. The outermost layer is definitely the dirtiest. If you touch the outside of the mask without washing your hands, it will increase the probability of contact transmission.

When you want to take off the mask, just take it off by holding the ear strap. If you want to adjust the position of the mask, touch the edge of the mask as much as possible, and be sure to wash your hands after touching it.

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Mistake 4: The used mask is in your pocket or bag

Sometimes conditions allow to take off the mask briefly. Where should the temporarily removed mask be placed? Some people choose to put it in a bag or carry it in their pocket.

Analysis: A lot of things have been placed in pockets and handbags, and there are a lot of bacteria in them. If you put the mask directly in, it is easy to contaminate the mask with pathogenic microorganisms, and it will easily cause disease when you wear it again.

It is best to prepare a clean bag when going out, fold the side that is in contact with the nose and mouth in half and put it in the bag. If you are at home, you can dry reusable masks directly on a clean hanger or wall hook.

Mistake 5: Reuse masks and disinfect with alcohol

Just wearing a mask and throwing away the trash, such masks can often continue to be used. However, some people like to spray some alcohol for disinfection after taking off their masks, which feels safer.

Analysis: Treating a mask with alcohol will denature the material on the outer layer of the mask, and reduce the ability to block saliva, so that the filtering function of the mask will be greatly reduced or even invalid.

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Mistake 6: The nose clip of the mask is not tight

Some people think that wearing a mask is too stuffy, so they don't pinch the nose clip tightly, revealing space in the bridge of the nose.

Analysis: The mask is leaking, which is equivalent to not wearing it! Do two more steps when wearing a mask: press your nose and press your chin, the tighter the better.

It is best to check the air tightness after putting on the mask: inhale, the face of the mask will collapse slightly, and there will be bulges when you exhale, which means that the air tightness of wearing the mask is sufficient, and if the nose or cheeks leak air , The mask needs to be adjusted.

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