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Mask nose strip production line

Release time: 2021-02-08

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Mask nose strip production line

The nose bridge strip is also called mask strip, plastic strip, nasal bridge, nasal bridge line, all-plastic nose bridge strip, shaping strip. It is mainly a rigid strip inside the mask, which serves to fix the mask on the bridge of the nose, support the mask, and increase the mask and the fit of the nose bridge.

The mask nose strip production line is a special equipment for producing mask nose strips, mask nose shaping strips, mask nose support strips, PP plastic machine strapping, and hand strapping. , Machine head, cooling, traction, heating, stretching, embossing, coiling, electrical and other 10 parts, mainly produce high- and middle-grade belts, with high output, good plasticization, strong processing adaptability, and easy operation. Required equipment to make full plastic belt.

YXP311 Face Mask

It can directly process and produce hand-use, machine-use, printing packing tape, transparent, dyeing, printing packing tape. It has the advantages of energy saving, high extrusion pressure, good embossing effect, high output, good molding, convenient maintenance, simple operation, safety and reliability.

This unit is a special equipment for producing packing belts for polypropylene plastic machines and manual packing belts. The complete set consists of 10 parts including extrusion, head, cooling, heating, stretching, embossing, coiling, and electrical. The screw design of the extruder is special, and the gap between the die orifice of the die adopts an adjustable design, which is conducive to changing product specifications. Due to the reasonable structure, it has the advantages of high output, good plasticization, strong processing adaptability, simple operation and easy maintenance. All technical indicators have reached the advanced level of the same type of prototype.

TP311 Face Mask

Packing tape is a widely used consumable packaging material. The PP material produced can be divided into core-spun tape and solid-core tape; from the quality of the product, it can be divided into transparent A grade, transparent B grade, and A grade , Class AB, Class B, Class BC and Class C, etc.; from the machine used can be divided into hand tapping, machine tapping (also divided into automatic machine taping and semi-automatic machine taping); from the scope of use can be It is divided into packaging belts and craft belts; there are also printing belts and non-printing belts.

Using PP as the material is mainly due to the chemical and physical properties of PP. The Chinese name of PP is polypropylene or propylene resin, and the English name is Polypropylene Resin. PP is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point. The Vicat softening temperature of PP is 150C. Due to the high crystallinity, the surface stiffness and scratch resistance of this material are very good. At the same time, PP has good moldability and higher mechanical strength than PE. Polypropylene PP has good water resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation.

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