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How the KN95 mask was born?

Release time: 2021-02-02

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How the KN95 mask was born?

Many people know the price of his KN95 masks, but don't know how much manpower and financial resources are spent to produce a KN95 mask. So how is a qualified KN95 mask born?

Preliminary expenses

1. Workshop building

First of all, the environment for the production of masks must be a 100,000-level dust-free workshop, and the construction of this workshop cannot be done by an ordinary decoration company. It must be done by a professional and qualified engineering company. This cost is also quite high in the current epidemic.

KN95-KM1095 Face Mask

2. Input of KN95 automated mask production equipment

After the production workshop is built, the equipment is next. The most important thing to build the equipment production line is the mask production machine, filming machine, welding earphone, welding machine, packaging machine, etc. If a mask wants to use less labor in the whole process, you can only spend huge sums of money to buy fully automatic.

3. Raw materials

The equipment is solved, followed by the raw materials, seemingly simple melt blown cloth, hot air cotton, non-woven cloth, and the technology behind it is as deep as the sea.

Seven steps of KN95 mask production

1. The composition and function of medical masks

The KN95 mask is mainly composed of 5 layers of cloth. The first layer is a soft non-woven fabric, which is mainly used to absorb moisture and moisture released by the absorber to block dust and particles; the second layer is hot air cotton to filter fine particles. The two filter layers in the middle of the core use electret-treated polypropylene meltblown non-woven fabric as barrier particles. The fifth layer is moisture-proof and breathable to filter out dust and so on. The filterability of the entire mask is> 95%.

KN95-KM1095 Face Mask

2. The 7 steps of the birth of KN95 masks

The petroleum particles are melted and shaped to obtain polypropylene fibers.

The working principle of melt-blown non-woven fabrics is to use high-speed hot air to draw the polymer melt stream extruded from the die nozzle, transform into ultra-fine fibers and condense on the receiving device, and fully self-bond into non-woven fabrics. Weaving cloth. As a result, the electrostatic adsorption is increased, and 95% of the filterability is achieved without changing the respiration, which effectively protects the virus.

Its fixing method is not to use latex instead of mixing a certain amount of low-melting fiber or bi-component fiber in the raw material. After heat drying during the production process, the fibers are fused. The production of masks is an automated production line. At present, the production of domestic masks can be described as fast, and it only takes 0.5 seconds to produce a mask.

Ethylene oxide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that can kill various microorganisms at room temperature. Cyclic injection is flammable, explosive, and toxic to humans. Therefore, it needs to stand for 7 days for analysis after disinfection. The residual amount is lower than the required value, and the capacity is packaged and delivered for medical staff.

KN95-KM1095 Face Mask

KN95 mask body formation

During the birth of KN95 masks, the most important process is the formation of the body. Many mask manufacturers will choose an automatic mask filming machine to produce this body. Zhongshan Saifute uses the KN95 automatic mask filming machine, which uses ultrasonic welding to form the five-layer cloth and the nose bridge at the same time. Manual operation should be avoided to improve the production qualification rate.

After the mask body is produced, it is QC quality inspection, welding edges and welding ear straps. However, no matter whether it is before or after the production of the mask, it needs to go through several inspection procedures. After the procedure, the packaging is put on the shelf and sold.

It seems that a simple mask production requires countless capital, technology and management investment. This is also a mission for the circulation of qualified KN95 masks to enter the market.

Safety, qualification, high protection, complete qualifications, and brand strength, Zhongshan Saifute always believes that this is what every consumer cares about.

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