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Are KN95 masks disposable? Can I reuse it?

Release time: 2021-03-02

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Are KN95 masks disposable? Can I reuse it?

In fact, all FDA-approved KN95 respirators are disposable. It is impossible to determine the maximum number of safe re-uses of the KN95 respirator under any circumstances. Whether it is safe to reuse KN95 is affected by many factors (such as the risk of infection). 

However, under special circumstances, KN95 is difficult to purchase and expensive, due to the shortage of masks, unless the product manual of the mask specifically emphasizes "single use only", it can be considered for repeated use in daily use, but this approach is Risky. The most obvious point is that the outside of KN95 has actually been contaminated, but the user does not realize that there is a risk of infection with repeated use. If the conditions are limited, it is really necessary to reuse, and there are a few points to note:

① Confirm that the used KN95 respirator cannot be contaminated.

KN95-KM1095 Face Mask

② Hang the used KN95 respirator in the designated storage area, or put it in a clean, ventilated container, such as a paper bag. To minimize potential cross-contamination, store the respirators separately to avoid contact with each other, and clearly identify the persons using the respirators. Storage containers should be treated or cleaned regularly.

③ Please clean your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after touching or adjusting the respirator.

④ Avoid touching the inside of the respirator. If you accidentally touch the inside of the respirator, please clean your hands as described above.

⑤ If the KN95 respirator is damaged or soiled, or it is difficult to breathe after wearing it, it should be removed. The method of safely discarding the KN95 is similar to the mask: put it in a plastic bag, then put it in the trash can, and wash your hands after disposal .

Will the mask expire?

Most disposable KN95 respirators have a shelf life, which is also related to storage conditions.

Why does the mask expire? Because the components of the mask will degrade over time, affecting its function. Over time, components such as the straps and filter membranes of the mask may age, which will affect the quality of the matching seal with the face. In addition, expired respirators may no longer meet the certification guidelines established by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

KN95-GLT11 Face Mask

Different types of respirators, filter media, other materials used, and manufacturing dates have different validity periods.

Storage conditions are also a key factor affecting shelf life. The following two points should be noted when storing:

① Always keep the respirator in the original packaging

② The place where the respirator is stored should avoid polluted areas, dust, direct sunlight, extreme temperature, high humidity and harmful chemicals

As for other types of masks, please refer to the product description you purchased to ensure that they are used within the validity period.

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